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We’ve got an allotment

We’ve got an allotment
Our local community have received funding for the allotments in the middle of the village and after being recommended by one of our families to the committee, they approached us to see if we would like to reserve a plot. Of course, we jumped at the chance and put our name down. 

On Saturday 18th June 2022 our Nursery Manager attended the opening event where she met the developers and they explained that they had built a section lower than the rest to accommodate the younger generation! 

We have some very supportive families here at Baddesley who have already donated some tomato plants, beans and potatoes for the allotment which the team have been and plotted ready for the children's first visit. At nursery, the children have been getting green-fingered in our garden too! For the last few months, we have been watching our strawberry plants, green beans and tomato plants grow. We've also planted flowers which have been sent home for the children to continue watching the growth happen. 

Gardening is so beneficial for all age groups. From exploring the sensory side to looking at the science behind growth, the children can really get involved and relax whilst doing something that will help take care of their environment. Gardening can be a good stress reliever and help the children to relax and to regulate their own emotions. It also encourages, team work, physical development, encouraging healthy eating, curiosity, cause and effect and self confidence! 

We plan to visit as often as we can to water and take care of our plot so keep an eye on your Parent App and our Social Media Pages for updates! 

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