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Thank you Morrisons!

Thank you Morrisons!
We're very grateful for the donation from Morrisons and the children all thoroughly enjoyed decorating them. We made some packs with the left over biscuits to send home with our families over the Easter bank Holiday Weekend. 

Decorating biscuits is such a simple and great activity. There are many skills that our children can learn through decorating biscuits such as: 
  • colours recognition
  • shapes recognition
  • counting skills
  • quantity, size and weight
  • communication and language development
  • sharing
  • hand-eye coordination
  • strengthening fine motor skills
  • developing a sense of pride
  • achieving their own ideas

If you wanted to give this activity a go at home all you need is a pack of biscuits and royal icing sugar (food colouring and sprinkles optional but make a good addition!) 

@BananaMoon - 2 months ago


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