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Our Mission
'To create a world of memories and inspire a generation'
Our Values
  • Building a caring, family-friendly nursery with reassuringly high standards of safety and security
  • Creating a characterful, imaginative and stimulating environment, which is equally inviting to parents, children and staff
  • Supporting children's learning through fun and engaging experiences
  • Encouraging children to be children, while learning through play

So with the above being our mission and values here at Banana Moon, you can only imagine it is extremely important to constantly reflect and evaluate all that we do and offer here at Baddesley.

In all that we do daily with our children we constantly ask ourselves as Early Years Professionals 3 questions;
  1. What is our Intent - what do you want the children to learn and why?
  2. How will we implement this? - how are you going to do what it is you want them to learn?
  3. What has been the impact? - What will you do next? How you will you enhance their learning?

'It is absolutely essential that all early years professionals and managers understand what is happening, why it is happening, how it is happening and what will happen next.'

Every day is a learning day at Banana Moon where we support and encourage both learning and development and well-being of our children, families and staff team 'learn from yesterday, inspire today and trust in tomorrow'

So how do we reflect?
After spending time observing our children, either formally or informally, our early years professionals should then spend time reflecting on what comes next....
What are the children doing?
How can you scaffold their learning?
What can you add to the environment?
Can you provide a provocation or something new?
Do you need to provide specific resources?
Do you need to plan focused activities to support through adult led activity?
Do we need to support a child with additional needs?

Once we have reflected and created a 'plan' from this in what we will do, it is then time to reflect again on how the children are using, accessing and engaging through what you have provided and make more assessments/judgments from this if necessary.

We use simple forms of assessment where we highlight what our children CAN DO and focus on those areas that are not yet quite achieved as our 'focus areas' this is where we will support learning and development using all of the above strategies to strengthen our children's development throughout the areas of learning.

So what do we use to reflect?
At Banana Moon Baddesley Ensor we are very proud of our FLOORBOOKS which can be found in each room/environment, within these 'scrapbook' style books you will see our early years professionals reflection on all that we do, all that we provide and all that our children are enjoying and learning whilst in our care, along with added parent partnerships, feedback, achievements, nursery news and celebrations - check out the image attached to this article for an example of our floorbooks!

Each month our practitioners meet within their age group rooms to hold small room meetings to reflect on the month we have had, we discuss achievements, development, interests, training, staff practice and what we will do next month to support any interests, gaps in learning or to make changes to our environment or resources and why - these are documented as reflective practice for early years professionals.

If you would like to view our floor books, please ask we would love to share them with our parents, families, prospective parents and external professionals. 

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