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Our Community

Our Community
We love getting involved in events within the community and local area to get our nursery name out there but to also allow our children, families and staff to be involved in great projects.

Most recently at Christmas time we sponsored a Christmas Tree at our local church, of which we support each year. By sponsoring the tree we are able to take the children to the church and decorate the tree using handmade decorations using the PROCESS not PRODUCT approach so that the decorations are truly the children's unique and individual creations and stand out from the crowd! This year we took a lovely nature walk up to the local church with children from all of our age groups; babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and some of our staff team and even some of our parents joined us too! It was a lovely magical experience where the children and their parents were able to place the decorations onto the tree and stand back and marvel at what we had created!

During December we also created a food bank at nursery where families, staff members and the public could drop off donations of foods which were ultimately donated to support the local Ediblelinks project in Atherstone, an amazing food bank supporting charities and those in need within our local community. 

Here at Banana Moon Baddesley Ensor we are always reflecting and currently we are working hard to try to incorporate our local community into our nursery environment, by doing this we have been taking photos of local buildings, landmarks, places we frequently visit and also having pictures sent to us by businesses/local villagers.

We are creating a picture book for our children to have to hand within the environment to be able to flick through the pages and recognises familiar buildings, find out new information about our community, inspire talking topics between our EYP's and children and to also promote the recognition of similarity and difference. 

To take this further, we have put a post onto our village Facebook page to ask if any local businesses would be willing to provide us with any packaging (cake boxes, pharmacy stickers etc), leaflets, business cards or anything from their businesses that we can use within the environments.

So if anyone reading this is local to Baddesley Ensor and has anything they would like to share with us to inspire our little ones learning about our community, please do get in touch 01827 711742.

Thank you in advance to anyone who offers anything, we really appreciate it. 

@BananaMoon - 5 months ago


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