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Here at Banana Moon Baddesley Ensor we aim to support families of all situations. We are accepting of both 2 year old and 3/4year old funding and have a range of session options to suit our families.

If you meet the criteria, your child may be eligible for 2 year old funding, you would have to apply for this on the local authority website and would be given a unique voucher to take to your chosen childcare provider - this would become effective and usable the term after their 2nd birthday and you are able to use those hours towards sessions at the nursery - depending on sessions available etc.

All children become entitled to 15 hours government funding the term after their 3rd birthday. 15 hours is universal - for everyone. There is also another type of funding called extended funding which means some/most working families are entitled to 30 hours funding per week for their child. Again those 15/30 hours can be used towards sessions dependent on availability etc.

As we are open all year round rather than term time only, we have the fantastic opportunity for parents to be able to stretch their child's funding across 51 weeks of the year enabling their weekly hours to stretch through the school holidays too! - so you wont be expecting a big bill in the 6 weeks holiday!

Unfortunately the rate of funding paid to our nurseries for 3/4 year old funding does not cover our food costs, so we have a range of meal packages available to offer/provide your children with a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet whilst at nursery. If this is not for you, or you are unable to cover the additional costs of meals, you are able to bring a packed lunch for your child for their sessions and we have a policy which contains great information on what you should pack.

If you have any questions about the funding options available to you, please give us a call.

We are now taking children for September 2022, places are limited so be sure to enquire so you do not miss out!

To apply for 30 hours government funding please visit

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